career-coaching – go ahead in job and business

career-coaching: go ahead in your job, in your business!

You want to achieve ambitious goals in career or business? Then stay tuned – my career-coaching fits your needs exactly, regardless of whether you are a professional employee or self-employed entrepreneur. In both cases my career-coaching offers methodically sound, proven, goal-oriented and therefore most effective and efficient support.

In any other case, please look for my offers in professional orientation, application coaching or on-boarding.

career-coaching towards your goals

career coaching, constellation, systemic boardWhether you are an employee or self-employed – time and again it happens that along a chosen path new opportunities, unforeseen obstacles or unexpected developments appear:

More often than not, new career options appear and need careful consideration1), see picture; competitors have their own inner qualities, too, and are therefore unexpectedly successful; bosses, key customers, technical innovations or market developments turn out to be obstacles that can not be easily taken in passing; after returning from maternity or paternity leave, the former environment seems to have changed completely; or you discover traits in your own behaviour that should better be changed or developed in order to positively contribute to your professional success.

All this and much more should be considered as challenges on which we will work together most effectively in career-coaching. Turning challenge into potential always pays off once you unlock it!

business model development or improvement

Career-coaching has many faces: Comparable to the process of job application coaching for employees I support the development of a viable business model for you as an aspiring self-employed entrepreneur and the adaptation of an existing business model to new conditions. As an entrepreneur you have to satisfy the needs of your future or existing customers, you have to provide value to them, and you must market and sell your products or services to these customers. Together we work down to any required level of detail and scan through your options – and pretty likely we will create new ones, too.

Due to the range of possible initial conditions and outcomes, perfectly individual solutions have to be found in each particular case. Together we find you a way which takes you to professional or entrepreneurial success based on an affordable investment.

All other business consulting topics are to be found under business coaching.

Already in a first phone conversation we find out which kind of career-coaching is best for your career, for your business. Don’t miss an opportunity, don’t lose time – just call me as soon as possible!

1) Case study Systemic Board – a Soft Tool in Project- & Team-Coachings

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