Coaching for continuous improvement

Coaching for continuous improvement

better and better - through coachingDo you feel it, too? Expectations are rising everywhere – at your workplace, in your business, even in everyday life. More and more is expected, and with better quality at that. Meanwhile, more or less everybody feels that.

So what shall we do? To keep pace, we must continue to develop ourselves and our skills in many areas. Our assets are our partly hidden, sometimes quite well-known, or at least suspected, potentials. In all of us some potential is waiting in the wings that we have not yet brought to fruition.

My offers for situations that fall under one of the umbrella terms executive coaching, team development, career coaching, job application coaching, and (in case of overlaps with management consulting) under business coaching, are accessible using the links shown.

For all other concerns, whether at personal level or regarding the relationships with other people, my coaching offers realistic and affordable ways to raise your own potentials and to work towards practical solutions. Just look at the following list. The respective links will take you to relevant blog posts!

Coaching Topics:

strength, potentialdeveloping available strengths and leveraging your potentials
personality coaching, life coaching, coachingovercoming personal obstacles and finding practical solutions against dislikes, angst, uncertainty, getting along better with particular people, meeting current or recurring difficult situations confidently, concluding old issues satisfactorily
time management, personal organisationimproving time management and personal organisation
loss, failure, distress, unresolved issuesdealing with loss and failure, complete „old issues“ satisfactorily
negotioations coachingpreparing discussions and negotiations in personal matters, if necessary together with other people
decision coaching, prepare decisionsprepare sound decisions
conflict coaching, resolving conflicts, conflict managementresolving conflicts, alone or together with the conflict partners

The list could go even further. Though, there is an even simpler way – just call me: a first guess on what’s it all about and which realistic goal you could aim for is something we manage already during our first phone conversation!

Picture credit: The picture on this page is the photograph „the painter and his painting“ taken by Matteo Riondato, published on Flickr under a  Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

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