Best Practice Workshop

Best Practice Workshop

“If we only knew what we know…”: have you ever wondered why all that amazing knowledge, know-how and skills of your employees all too often seem to be limited to only a few of them?

Let’s stop that. Best practice sharing is the idea by which you transfer available know-how into your company, your organization, your projects. And best practice workshops are’s method to implement that idea. It could become the first step towards knowledge management in your organisation, towards solution-oriented team work. Here’s how:

Best-Practice, Best-Practice-Sharing, knowledge management, Best-Practice-WorkshopYou choose the topic for which you need a targeted exchange of experience – completed projects, campaigns, events or memorable failures are possibe sources of such topics. More specifically, practical experience in customer retention or logistics processes, or the cultural differences between two organisational units might as well become starting points for a best practice workshop.

Community, target, Practice, Best-Practice, exchange, Best-Practice-WorkshopYou invite a mixed group of about 6-12 people to attend – insiders together with several open-minded spirits. This group will be your future community of practice. At the beginning of the workshop we discuss and agree upon challenging targets.

problem solving, Best-Practice, Best-Practice-Sharing, Best-Practice-Workshop, best fit, optimisingproblem solving, Best-Practice, Best-Practice-Sharing, Best-Practice-Workshop, best fit, optimisingThen, based on individual experience and ideas of all participants, leads the group along solution-oriented, creative ways towards these objectives. This induces a productive exchange of ideas and starts a continual improvement process (CIP).

best fit, matching, optimisationOnly during this process the group develops best practices really deserving their name: simply copying behavior from one context to another is rarely possible; turning solutions into best fitting practice for specific applications – that’s what best practice workshops are all about. This almost always requires significant modifications of initial attempts.

Follow-Up, Best-Practice-Sharing, Best-Practice-Workshop, knowledge managementThe final to-do-list, jointly prepared with the responsible proponents of the new ideas is the first visible result of the workshop; internalised common knowledge is a second. One or two follow-ups after a few weeks secure implementation. And the newly formed community of practice – another valuable result – keeps looking after this implementation, reliably…

It’s that simple. A cost-benefit analysis immediately shows how rewarding already your first best practice workshop might be. Just trigger it – now!

CC BY 3.0 ATPicture credit: The picture on this page is named “best_fit_ever”, taken by Leopold Faltin, published here and avaiable under a  Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0. AT) – crediting Leopold Faltin as anchor text across a link to this webpage.

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