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Books Reading Buddy LogoBooks are part of my life as far as my memories go back – and long before a part of myself became In this identity I am frequently reading books on topics such as career development, team building, management consulting, strategy consulting as well as management sciences in general, but also from areas like brain research, sociology – and many other topics of (my) interest.

Book titles are given in reverse chronological order. As far as available, links behind book titles lead to my book review at Amazon, in which case you could take into account my (entirely subjective) rating. The latest entry is  marked NEW!

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humanities and natural sciences

  • NEW!  Matthew WALKER: Why We Sleep. The New Science of Sleep and Dreams.
  • Amélie NOTHOMB: Soif. (Note: A thought exercise on the meaning of life from a very unusual perspective in French.)
  • Walter ÖTSCH, Nina HORACZEK: Populismus für Anfänger. Anleitung zur Volksverführung.
  • Paul COLLIER: Exodus – How Migration Is Changing Our World
  • Geoffrey BALL: …und ich höre doch! Ein technologisches Abenteuer zwischen Silicon Valley und den Alpen
  • Eric R. KANDEL: The Age of Insight – The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain.
  • Elisabeth KATSCHNIG-FASCH, Gerlinde MALLI: Das ganz alltägliche Elend. Begegnungen im Schatten des Neoliberalismus.
  • Bernhard HEINZELMAIER, Philipp IKRATH: Generation Ego. Die Werte der Jugend im 21. Jahrhundert.
  • Bernhard HEINZLMAIER: Performer, Styler, Egoisten
  • Niklas LUHMANN: Macht
  • J. Allan HOBSON: Dream Life – An Experimental Memoir
  • David LANDES: Die Macht der Familie
  • Rupert LAY, Ulf D. POSÉ: Die neue Redlichkeit – Werte für unsere Zukunft

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Acknowledgement: Picture Courtesy Lafayette Public Library, CO, USA

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