Brain-Worker Coaching

High performance brains need special attention and care – and so do the personalities to whom they belong. Those working in consulting, science and art, think tanks, staff functions, research, development and similar intellectually demanding environments have distinct talents and abilities and therefore often very specific concerns, interests and needs.


In order to match your impact as a brain-worker / knowledge worker with the best in your field, chooses special brain-worker coaching approaches:

intention, aim, goal Learn to accept yourself: Get to know your individual characteristics, goals and intentions from new perspectives and make a conscious choice for it.

self-marketing, positioningFind your personal position: This provides you with the appropriate strategy for successful self-marketing.

dual career service and supportYou would like to start or continue a dual career with your partner? The Dual Career Service network of universities in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria provides support in all administrative matters. supports you in parallel to develop a vision, realistic aims and a feasible strategy to pursue this project – in all necessary details.

strength, self confidence, introvert, extrovert, intro, extroTransform your personal background and your professional strengths into sources of security and self-confidence – be it in front of an audience, in dealing with negotiation and dialogue partners, or with your colleagues and managers. Discover just how effectively you can turn your supposed ‘weaknesses’ into useful strengths. And learn to optimally care for yourself in demanding situations.

impostor-syndrom, self-assurance, self-confidenceDifficulties with your ‘impostor syndrome’? We will find a viable solution for that in no time. Try this clever article in the meantime, if you like!

talk, speech, public, seminar, colloquium, lessonSimply find the right words, actions and structures to convey exactly what it takes. As a lone fighter, as a team member and also as a leader, at any occasion.

communicate, communication, speak, write, style, effect, introvert, extrovert, intro, extroDevelop your own personal style for communicating and dealing with others to optimum effect in sparring with – verbally, in writing and on emotional level. This ranges from your daily communication needs to presentations, concepts, business plans, job or funding applications, complex contract negotiations and conflict discussions.

resource, ressourceIn all of this we start with what you bring along. You will be amazed what you will get out of your resources – including those which you might have seen as ‘weaknesses’ so far.

portfolio, brain worker, knowledge workerA clear focus on the individual needs of knowledge workers pays off in other areas of the portfolio like team development, (personal and group) strategy development1), organisational consulting and innovation consulting. Get more out of the same – both in quality and quantity.

Nature has given you something unique: your brain and your senses. With all your talents and skills you have learned to use on academic content level already. Now find out what else you can make from that in brain-worker coaching. Develop abilities which might have hidden so far because they simply haven’t been challenged yet.

Optimum effect requires brains, too. Luckily, you have got that already. Now make the next step – call to fix your first brain-worker coaching session with!
1) Case study Strategieklausur mit einer NPO (in German)


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