Business coaching & management consulting – for continuous improvement

Business coaching and management consulting – for continuous improvement

Better and better - through Business Coaching and Business ConsultingBusiness coaching – what is it all about? There are always situations at work or in business where we feel that the organisation in which we are embedded, or external influences, play an important role. Better performance and higher quality very often depend on conditions imposed by our professional or business environment.

So what shall we do? To keep pace, we need to remain competitive in business and job. And when there is an overlap between personal and organisational or corporate influences, then we take on a wider perspective – in business coaching. In business coaching, coaching and business consulting are fused together.

Thus, business coaching is about opportunities emerging from partly hidden, sometimes quite well-known, or at least suspected potentials in ourselves, but also in the surrounding organisation or business environment. In all of us some potential is waiting in the wings that we have not yet brought to fruition.

In business coaching I combine the instruments coaching and management consulting into a new entity. In this environment I offer realistic and affordable means for you to raise valuable potentials and to become better and better at work and in business – regarding everything that has to do with behavior, strategy, organisation and processes. On your personal level as well as in professional and business matters. Look at the following list for typical examples:

Business coaching topics making use of both coaching and management consulting:

organisation, organisation consulting, organisation development, ODimprove existing and find new structures with organisational consulting
strategy, strategy consulting, strategy developmentfocus existing or find new strategies with strategy consulting
process, process consulting, process organisationdevelop new and better processes with process consulting
Konflikt-Coaching, Konfliktberatung, Konfliktmanagement, Konfliktlösunghandle diversity creatively by practising fair diversity management
best practice, best-practice-workshop, project, experienceprofit from own experience made e.g. in projects by designing and implementing best practice workshops
change, change process, change projectcoach, reflect and steer all change processes purposefully towards success
innovation, innovation process, innovation project, innovation management, innovate, innovatinginitiate innovation processes through specially designed innovation workshops, thus implementing and supporting you innovation management
change management, change projecthand over change management to an external consultant in order to keep your hands free for really important matters
crisis, crises management, crisis resolutionperform crises workshops and operate well-thought-out crisis management to switch back on the winning track

Please note that for a limited range of very specific technologies I provide Technical Consulting, too.

Whatever might fit in this list of business coaching topics, even if  only remotely: Quickly call me and we will rapidly find out the crucial points and how I can support you in your business coaching! If I myself cannot help, I find someone in my network.

Picture credit: The picture on this page is the photograph “Talitha of the air” taken by Dave King, published on Flickr under a  Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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