Coach, Business Consultant and Sparring Partner

Coach, Business Consultant and Sparring Partner

Senior Coach (ACC) & Zertifizierter Unternehmensberater (CMC) L. Faltin

To discover my clients’ potentials and to unlock them is one of the most exciting experiences for me – and it has become my profession. To develop potentials and to support my clients in making something out of them is therefore central to my professional activities with since its start-up in 2004.

After doing my physics doctorate and more than 30 years as a scientist, scientific consultant and manager in industrial companies in Austria and abroad, since more than 20 years I am increasingly focusing this fondness on individuals, teams and organisations as a management consultant, business coach and university lecturer.

My clients assign me to discover new ways in bringing about change and unlocking their potentials. And that’s what I do for them and with them. Sometimes, a business coach has to go detours or to apply more or less unconventional methods, and occasionally there are slightly embarassing and challenging questions to be asked. Strong analytical skills, multi-dimensional thinking, mindfulness, authenticity and a keen sense for what might be possible help me in doing all that.

It is only logical that I am constantly at work with myself, too. Without that, what I have achieved so far would not have been possible. I am always interested in new ideas, suggestions and criticism. For the same reason, I gladly accept entirely new challenges offered by my customers. Fundamentally new situations are conducive to creativity in a special way. This also benefits my clients.

Being located in Vienna, Austria, I am happily married and have three grown-up children, now also two grandchildren. The lively connection of professional and private life experience makes me flexible and provides an invaluable resource for me. And my clients, too, will benefit from that when it comes to develop practical solutions for their matters of concern with me as a business coach, management consultant or sparring partner.

To learn more details about me, please ask for my profile folder. Just use one of the contact options.

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