11th ComSult ’14 in Vienna

11th International Management & Consulting Congress COMSULT ’14 in Vienna

ComSult_20140121After chaotic years of crisis, this year’s motto, “Setting Directions”, of Vienna’s now-traditional COMSULT is at least a good proposition. And the subjects of the usual star-studded panel discussions sound promising too:

  • The Economic Agenda 2014:  The development of Europe’s economy is anything but encouraging. There is an urgent need for action in terms of global competition, growth and future economic perspectives.  But – what should be done? What exactly can and most importantly: will lead back to a safe road to success? Obviously – all these are important and interesting topics for management consulting as a business itself.
  • Political Outlook 2014: How will the European Parliament be comprised in the future, what are the related implications? How will Europe succeed to consolidate the post-expansion phase? And, perhaps most interesting from a political point of view, what are Europe’s answers to growing anti-European sentiments?
  • Visions for Europe:  What will be the “grand narrative” able to shape the post-expansion European project in the future? What scenarios for the future of Europe are able to inspire and thus motivate the Europeans?

Granted these are quite respectable questions the many experts have to tackle. And not surprisingly the answers turn out to be scarce, sometimes of little informative value and occasionally outright unconvincing.

On the other hand, it is probably not the task of an event like COMSULT to deliver ready-made answers. Rather, it‘s about generating discussion topics for the conversations around it. And that’s where COMSULT succeeded again.

This year’s COMSULT too was an interesting event indeed.

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