Supervisory Expert

Supervisory Expert

Austria’s success as an industrial country and as a business location is based on well-run companies. Successful entrepreneurs from medium sized companies upwards are accompanied effectively by active, technically competent supervisory and advisory boards.

Supervisory board members can effectively contribute their top expertise only if they are also qualified from a legal point of view. INCITE, the training institute of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber WKO, organises a specific training for that purpose. For graduates of this training with proven relevant know-how and after passing a selective commissional hearing, INCITE offers a certification as Certified Supervisory Expert, CSE, under ISO17024. This demonstrates proven legal knowledge in the field.

I have held this certification as a CSE during 25.4.2014-18 (including a successful re-certification in 2017) and, based on the formal education received as well as on my continuing re-education, I am still open for supervisory board functions in companies and NPOs within the EU area. In line with the stated objectives of, possible candidate companies venture a forward-looking strategy and an up-to-date management culture. Related to their corporate objectives they set high value on scientific and technical competence of their supervisory board.

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