Effects, benefits, advantages

Effects, benefits, advantages

Why leadership coaching? Why career coaching? Which are your benefits of coaching, consulting and business coaching at all and which advantages do my services provide?

In case of health and legal issues, or for everyday problems, as they are usually tackled by craftsmen, you know very well how far your own skills will go and when you better request expert advice and external assistance.

What if you do not get along as a leader with your employees? If your career falters because you are just bored out by your actual job? If your current employer will close down business by end of the year? What if, as an entrepreneur, you observe your sales figures dwindling inexplicably since a few weeks? If you notice personal, professional or business relationships getting stuck in hopeless dead ends? Then you realize after a few attempts, that there are no simple instructions that will help.

key moment, insight, idea, surpriseThis is because – believe it or not – you yourself are more or less involved in this kind of problem. Here, a form of counseling is needed which involves, or even makes use of, this fact and which is thereby able to lead you to the necessary insights, ideas and key moments – systemic coaching and systemic consulting. No direct advice of your coach or consultant could provide comparable in-depth solutions.

And what is so special about my coaching and my business consulting, which I am proposing?

leadership, coaching, executive, coaching, VIP-Coaching, career coaching, continuous improvementWith my three service sectors executive coaching, career coaching and continuous improvement I cover a wide range of specific needs, characterized by a strong interaction between person, occupation and business.

resources, effective, coaching, consultingI work with your resources because you know most about yourself and your situation. Together we will find out what you have already tried, what did and what didn’t work. My task at this point is to sort out any useful information among all that.

professional, experience, flexible, flexibilityMy wide professional experience makes me uniquely flexible and this provides ideas to ask exactly those questions that most likely yield the best clues for new options and possibly unlock your hidden potentials.

perfect, solution, fast, quickly, time, costlyWe do not waste time trying to find the perfect solution. Rather we approach an effective solution in small steps. Small successes will give you new confidence and you will crave for the next ones. This is the fastest way towards your goal. By the way, most likely there are no perfect solutions and attempts to find them are very costly.

time, cost, optimum, economy, effectiveOverall, you can be confident that we will find the most effective solution for you in terms of time and cost.

phone coaching, skype, coaching, mail coaching, e-mail coachingAlthough many customers prefer the personal face-to-face style in coaching, there are other options, too: coaching is equally efficient and successful when done via phone, Skype or e-mail and I have done coachings from my home office with customers all over the world. Just have a try to find your optimum coaching medium!

A selection of institutional clients with whom I have worked successfully over the past years is shown as menu item reference customers.

Personal comments regarding my services together with impressions on methods and outcomes will be found under customer voices.

A number of detailed case descriptions referring to methodological aspects from a consultant’s perspective can be found in my blog under the category case studies. This provides an impression of the diversity of methods and topics of my coaching and consulting work.

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