Customer Voices

Customer Voices

My customers come from many industries and institutions and from all hierarchical levels. They represent a colorful spectrum of professional education, practicing a wide variety of functions. Some of these clients report here how they perceived the common work in coaching and consulting cases, in which respect they see their successes, and what they noticed in the joint work with me as a coach. Testimonials are listed in reverse chronological order without thematic weighting.

Detailed case descriptions according to methodological aspects and from the consultant’s perspective can be found in the blog under the category of case studies.

Social Research Programme Manager  in an International Organisation, MA BSc – Coaching


  • develop a buffer between me and my work and workplace – more “me” time at work
  • ability to say “no” and not feeling urged to say “yes” to external requests
  • inducing solutions rather than imposing them on others
  • communicate more openly on work, effort & skills that went into achieving my tasks

I liked the fact that your approach to coaching was not based on talking and reflection only, but contained lots of rather more “holistic” activities, involving working with space and objects. Really great that it was “physical” rather than being predominatly narrative. The way we developed, to act and to communicate with my co-workers towards a working style favoring original solutions by everybody themselves, was very enlightening. And finally I have the impression that people are now beginning to see my contributions in a new light, which is a great relief, indeed. Last, not least, I value your openness and your gender sensitive way to communicate. Thank you!


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