Technical Consulting

Outsourcing for cost reasons is known to divert know-how towards a few external specialists. Increased offshoring, over the past two decades, increasingly caused a drain and finally a complete loss of technical know-how in almost all technology areas in traditional industrial countries. Nowadays this is so widespread that basic technical tasks such as devising technical concepts, feasibility studies, process development and even recurring qualification processes like acceptance or factory tests cannot be accomplished by own staff nor with the staff of potential suppliers. The question is how to meet this demand temporarily in a targeted, reliable and inexpensive fashion.

To meet the obvious need of proven sophisticated technical know-how, now offers technical consulting and advice in selected technology areas, too. This is based on original in-depth know-how which has been carefully developed during many years of work in various industries, in research and development as well as in production plants.

Specifically, this technical consulting service covers the following technology areas:

technical consulting telecommunicationtelecommunication based on radio (particularly GSM), coaxial cable and fiber optical cable

coaxial & fiber optic cable technologycoaxial and fiber optic cable technology

superconductor power cable technologysuperconductor power cable technology

precision engineeringprecision engineering

technical consulting production technologyproduction technology in metalworking and plastics processing industry (particularly extrusion techniques)

technical consulting industrial plant engineeringindustrial plant engineering, especially for manufacturing technologies

Possible tasks require careful coordination between customer requirements and available know-how. The connection of technical consulting with services in business consulting areas can be an additional asset – including project management, if necessary. is ready for detailed talks to clarify possible areas of cooperation. Your request is welcome.

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