Team Development, Team Building, Workshops

Team Development, Team Building, Workshops

Team Development - Teambuilding - Workshop

Teams are essential in project work of modern organisations. Specialists often work in parallel in several teams whose compositions adapt dynamically over the course of the project. Permanent change is everyday for team members. Thematic team development quickly tunes existing teams to changing thematic environments and brings newly composed teams on line with operational and thematic requirements. From my perspective, team development is just a very special form of leadership-coaching. In a 1- to 3-day workshop you, together with your team, will work with me on all challenges you consider relevant for your future success.

Thematic Team Development and Team Building

The special feature of my approach: I carefully clarify in advance with you and a few other key staff members which critical issues and challenges might arise – be they related to project topics or boundary conditions. According to these requirements, I design a unique team development workshop in which we focus on team performance in the previously found critical areas. You and your team members will feel the push, induced by this process, running through the entire team.

This concept suits itself optimally for common work in the following situations – in all cases resulting in fully working and highly motivated teams:

Team Building, Team Development, Team, thematicteam building for completly new teams

Team Development, Team Building, Teamteam  development in connection with increasing, decreasing or splitting of existing teams

Team Coaching, Team Development, Team Building, Team Fusionteam  development following a fusion of existing teams (cultural fusion)

Team Development, Organisational Development, Change Managementteam  development as a consequence of or in connection with organisation development or change management projects


The principles of thematic Team Development, i.e. real work on real topics with real teams, is readily trasferred to workshops to treat any arbitrarily given topics. Experience shows that a considerable amount of team development comes as a bonus with my workshops. Typical subjects are:

Team Coaching, Crisis Workshops, crisis managementworkshops on crises producing workable solutions which will be supported by all contributors

Innovation, Innovation Workshop, Innovation Developmentworkshops and retreats in which innovations of any kind, i.e. technical, organisational, operational, strategic etc., are to be found, developed and transferred into practice

Project Coaching, Best-Practice Workshop, continuous improvement processbest practice workshops following finished projects and workshops to support continuing improvement and transfer processes

Verhandlungsvorbereitung, Gesprächsvorbereitung, Projekt-Coaching, Verhandlungscoaching, Szenariotechnikpreparing negotiations implementing various scenarios

We find out during the very first phone call how we make your leadership-coaching a full success for you. Just call me. You can only win.

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