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    This website shows how you will profit from that. Leo Faltin, meincoach.at, Vienna.


How do you find the fastest, most sustainable way to the top – for yourself, your team, your business? My leadership-coaching fits your individual needs and makes it possible – fast and easily.


Whether you want to advance your career directly or you need sound professional orientation first: my career-coaching gets you there from both starting points – quickly and effectively.

Better & Better

Rising expectations require continuous improvement in performance and quality to keep an competitive edge. I show you how to achieve this with my business coaching and management consulting in next to no time.

Coach & Consultant

I am a Senior Coach and Business Consultant with over four decades of experience as a manager, scientist, coach and scientific consultant in industry and R&D. Find out how you will profit from that – instantly.


Prokrastinieren für Profis

Prokrastinieren für Profis Aufschieben, prokrastinieren, brodeln, bummeln, trödeln, herumtun, verzögern. Wer tut das nicht, gelegentlich wenigstens? Und wer ärgert sich dann,...


Resilienz Sie ist in aller Munde. Als hätte es früher keine Resilienz gegeben. Dabei ist uns doch allen das Bild des...

Selbstorganisation in Teams

Selbstorganisation hat sich von einem utopisch anmutenden Schlagwort zu einer auch in der Praxis immer wichtiger werdenden Organisationsform entwickelt. Grund dafür...